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First Gear

Tom & Penelope Pauley

I'm Tom Pauley and I know how powerful this system is. I was I was bankrupt for the second time when I found it. And within 5 weeks I has absolutely everything I wanted.

Yes, I know. It sounds a bit unbelievable. But that's what happened.

I went from living in a broken down rent house with furniture the Salvation Army refused to take. To living in a 5 bedroom home with a pool and a hot tub, 5 minutes from the beach.

I went from driving a wreck of a car to owning a brand new German import.

A moving company moved us. A first for our family of five.

We ate out all the time. And actually had money left at the end of the month.

Yes, this system flat out works. I know it does. But then so do thousands of others.

We've had thousands of people just like you shift their lives out of neutral and slam it into first gear overnight.

People who have used similar systems their whole life finally found the success that has eluded them.

What Readers Have To Say

Thomas from NJ, "I have been in a relentless storm over the last 3 years and, you're right, it is all about change. I see the big picture again and I'm so glad you wrote this book. I'm going to go and write about more amazing things that I want added to my life. Thanks again for everything."

Denise from Seattle, "And now for the good news...My most recent success story~

On my Income List I wrote "I have Gold." Two days later I was consulting and as I finished her husband came and handed me a little red bag and as he handed it to me he said, "This is my 1/2 of your payment, my wife is giving you a check for the rest." When I took this little red bag it nearly fell to the floor! I looked inside and much to my amazement it was filled with Gold One Dollar coins!!!!

You guessed it, my mouth also fell open and all the way home all I could think of was "It's on my list, it's on my list, it's on my list!" Another fine success from your wonderful book!"

Eric from New Hampshire, "Using your process, my wife and I truly had the wedding and honeymoon of our dreams. Even better than I had asked for! And I was able to finally leave the corporate job that I hated and started working for myself full-time doing challenging work That I love. I'm working on several projects now, either as part-owner or business manager (kind of COO of a small 5 person company)."

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Second Gear

Oh, I was Rich Beyond My Wildest Dreams. But the fact was I hadn't even found second gear, yet. And that's what this ebook is about. Shifting your life into a higher faster gear.

Moving at the sweet speed of success.

Enjoying the richness of your life now. Not later.

7 Secrets for Getting Richer Faster is one powerful ebook. It was born in a Tom & Penelope Live! seminar. Transcribed, rewritten and added to. This ebook contains the seven power secrets that took our success from a walking path to a race track overnight.

The 7 Secrets we have never before reveled.

Oh, we've talked about this incredible system, of course. But never these 7 seven secrets.

Not until now.

Not until the Tom & Penelope Live! seminar. Seven Secrets to Getting Richer Faster.

It was an amazing seminar. One of our best ever. Everybody loved it.

Wonderful! Wonderful!! Wonderful!!!

This morning's Teleseminar was the best! Boy I needed to hear that. Thanks, for

answering my email question. Yes, Diane, I want the CD.

Thanks again,

You are so special!

Gary Shortall

P.S. I've been emotional all morning. Really, and I mean this, the seminars are getting better and better! You are tuning in to the callers and I think you both are getting even more sensitive to their growth. (I had questions answered without telling you.)

In fact, the show was so good we decided to make an ebook out it. And not any ordinary ebook. We wanted to put some serious torque into your forward progress.

Please note! This information can move your success forward faster than ever before.

In fact, these are the 7 secrets that can power you past those barriers that keep you from the rich life your deserve.

These are the 7 secrets that can change your life, forever.

How long do you plan on walking that long and lonely road to success? How long before you get behind some real wheels and let that success of yours pick up speed?

Now are you ready? Only one gear left.

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High Gear

Now hold on tight.

We decided to show you what high gear really felt like.

So, we rewrote our new ebook. We kept the script format and all the great content. We made the 7 Secrets more easily understood.

Cleaned and greased the wheels if you will.

Then we put the peddle to the metal.

Faster and Faster

We added 7 Bonus Exercises, one for each secret.

Simple exercises you can do by yourself and with the help of friends. Fun exercises that take your foot off the break and put it squarely on the throttle where it belongs.

See, you can have anything you want in life. All you have to do is ask and be willing to receive. Asking is the simple part.

The tricky part about getting rich is allowing yourself to receive your good when it comes.

If you have trouble receiving, even on a subsconcious level, how can you possibly receive the tremendous good the Universe has waiting for you right now.

Without knowing it, you may have pushed your good so far back no one is even offering to give you anything anymore. Not even the Universe.

These 7 Bonus Exercises can create the kind of change that will allow you to attract even more wealth and success into your life.


Faster and faster. And with less work.

Order Now! We're heading for the flag.

High Octane Fuel

Knowledge is fuel. The better the knowledge, the higher the octane...the better the fuel.

7 Secrets for Getting Richer Faster is High Octane Fuel.

7 Secrets for Getting Richer Faster details seven specific steps you can use to make your success move faster.

7 Secrets for Getting Richer Faster includes 7 Bonus Exercises each specifically designed to teach you how to get your success on track and burning rubber.

This is the kind of high octane fuel that can power your success right past the checkered flag.

What Readers Have To Say

"This morning about 8:30am I wrote "I now have a ten-fold return of $5000.00 for the good of all concerned. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you." This was in connection with a recent charitable gift in the amount of $500.00

At about 4pm today 12/4/02, my employer advised I would receive a $5000.00 bonus with next paycheck. Talk about success all due to God and the miraculous power of the Universe and the rich dreams system. :)"

Daniel later that week, "You're not going to believe this - on second thought you will!

Further to previous e-mail, today on my way to work I claimed my tenfold return on gifts totaling $250.00 so I claimed my 10-fold return of $2500.

First thing this morning my boss called me in and advised my bonus had been revised from $5000 to $7500. A gift from the Universe! Thank you thank you thank you! And on my birthday - great news!"



Tom & Penelope:

Yesterday was such an amazing day for me. The system does work. 1st: I go to pay the cell phone and find out that the balance is at zero, so I call my mom to see if she paid it, and the answer is no then I call my son and he didn't pay it either. But a blessing came my way and the bill was paid. (That was totally awesome). I thanked God numerous times during the day.

Then I have been going on some totally awesome job interviews and when I get back to work, the owner of the company calls me into her office and says that she wants to expand my position to include other responsibilities plus is going to compensate me with more money. ( This will allow me to find the perfect position and yet receive more income).

I am so excited. It all seems to be happening at once. I have been looking for a new position for almost 1 year, even though I am still currently employed. Timing is up to God, but the system does work. Thank you, because your book started me off onto the correct path, and I totally feel and see how creating with God is inspiring and creates amazing energy. People see you in a different light.

Thanks again


Now, you got it all.

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The Winner's Circle

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You get a powerful ebook guaranteed to speed you on to your success. Yes, guaranteed. If you're not happy within 30 days, we'll give you all your money back. You can't lose.

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7 Secrets for Getting Richer Faster.

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7 Positive Steps you can take now to put you in the Winner’s Circle

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See you on the track,

Tom & Penelope

P.S. We did want you to read one more testimonial. Charles Burke is a dear friend and one of our Quantum Marketing graduates. We spent several days getting to know each other at a seminar in Dallas not long ago. Charles is a intelligent and perceptive man We were very honored when we received this testimonial. Thank you Charles.

"A tiny handful of champions rise, each year, from among the world's great athletes. And likewise, a mere few teachers really KNOW. Of these few top teachers, Tom Pauley holds a unique place. His specialty is results... FAST results. Tom means results in days (even hours), not the usual months. Simple choice: keep doing what you're doing, OR let Tom show you what works. Hint: this one's a no-brainer."

Charles Burke...Sunny Japan